City stadium 'Dniester'

Photo exhibition “Zalischyky then and now”


Double Blast


Drum Force




Rock symphony orchestra Brevis

Natural history museum

Open excursion to the museum “History of the area”

Central District Library

Educational meeting “Zalischyky historical places”: movie about Zalischyky, workshop by historian Mykhailo Sopyliuk.

Lower Park next to Brunytskyh Palace

Quest on significant city spots

Lower Park next to Brunytskyh Palace
City stadium 'Dniester'

Interactive exhibition of young technology and technology Center of science and creativity Zalіshchiv




Ivan Tkalenko


Rockoko with symphonic orchestra


Evgeny Khmara with special guest Marta Adamchuk

Lower Park near Branicki Palace
Start at Youth (Upper) Park
17 / 08-19 / 08 Shady beach, Zalishchyky
Evgeny Khmara
Evgeny Khmara

Evgeny Khmara is ‘Ukrainian Mozart’, piano virtuoso, Yamaha Artist status holder. Evgeny is a Ukrainian composer who creates unique music show merging masterly instrumental music with rock elements, dub-step and dance rhythms. Evgeny Khmara is developing actively Ukrainian instrumental music and popularizes it all over the world. He has recorded four studio albums and is working on the fifth now. Some of Ukrainian pop stars have participated in his concerts, among them Oleg Vinnyk, Zlata Ognevych, Tayanna and others. He performed together on the same stage with the legendary Didier Marouanni and Space band, Alessandro Safina, Pupo, Sonique and others.
Evgeny Khmara is actively supporting social projects and regularly organizes the concerts for children with physical disabilities, ICP and Down syndrome.


ROCKOKO is a Ukrainian instrumental band relating themselves to Symphonic Rock, Symphotronica genres. The band performs as well Acoustic, Pop, Dance, D&B, Metal, Jazz та Soul. The original authors’ and popular hits adaptation is at the core of their success.
On Rockoko account are concert program with the symphonic orchestra, 2 national tours, performances on the largest Ukrainian stages, concert programs broadcasting on TV, concerts abroad (Poland, Hungary, Germany).

Symphonic rock orchestra «BREVIS»
Symphonic rock orchestra «BREVIS»

Symphonic rock orchestra Brevis was created in 2004 in Rivne. The orchestra is taking musical journeys of world rock hits, musicals, vibrant electro music, modern Ukrainian music culture with its authenticity and novelty.

Music of hearts: rock legends is a true symbiosis of art revealing itself through organic combination of the work of symphonic orchestra, rock musicians and gifted vocalists. Passion, knowledge, musical taste, professionalism contributed in the project turned the show into music feerie fascinating by extraordinary sound of the rock hits. Exactly by the legendary rock bands and performers – Nazareth, Scorpions, Deep Purple, Metallica, Queen, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Europa, Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams. When performed by the symphonic rock orchestra impress by the novelty of the sound due to interesting adaptations performed by the director Gennadiy Fiskoskyi. Production, light and stage effects lead the spectator into positive shock! Project ideas’ novelty and freshness guarantee deep resonance and public interest.

Romantic Collection is a highly romantic programme for the ones who are in love, represented by A.Vivaldi, Bryan Adams, Phantom of the Opera, Soulsavers, Muse, Bee Gees, Boney M, Eminem, Depeche Mode, Sting, Beatles, Scorpions, Guns-n-Roses, Gary Moore, Queen!

Repertoire of the band is truly exclusive, so the the concert of the symphonic rock orchestra Brevis always has a great success!


DOUBLE BLAST is a Ukrainian cover band consisting of international awards winner Yuriy Radko (accordion) and Lidiya Boikiv (bandura). The band was created in 2015 as a result of artistic collaboration of Yuriy Radko and pianist Roman Gumeniuk. From the very beginning the style direction has been selected as famous rock and pop international bands, also classical works combined with pop and rock songs and soundtracks with authored adaptations. The band has collaboration with the talented vocalists and instrumentalists creating unique musical pieces.

YouTube channel of the band is actively developing fascinating the spectators with Ukrainian landscapes. The first popular video became “Shedryk” by M.Leontovich. Yuriy Radko has made adaptation of the work merging it together with Vivaldi’s violin concerto “Winter”. Sound of accordion and piano accompanied by symphonic orchestra gives a special flair to the piece. The innovativeness of the band is in using the violin fiddle while playing bandura, which is demonstrated in the cover of Ukrainian song “Plakala” by “KAZKA”.

Marta Adamchuk
Marta Adamchuk

Marta Adamchuk was born in a singing family of Bukovina. After participation in the project Voice of Ukraine-7 she was invited as a vocalist to a channel 1+1. Now she has become independent and successful singer.


JULINOZA  is the pro­ject, which opens the world of new music, where you can feel cinematic waves, al­ternative jazz spect­rums and trip-hop wi­th the elements of electronics. Musical compositions are int­erwoven with poetry in English, Russian, Ukrainian and Frenc­h. JULINOZA’s music is innovative, conce­ptual and fulfilled with imaginative mus­ical images.

Wide popularity JULI­NOZA gоt after parti­cipation of Juli Zap­orozhets on the TV show The Voice Of Ukr­aine 2017. Juli capt­ivated the hearts of all coaches and the audience, all around the world with her originality and uni­que performance styl­e.

Now JULINOZA is a duo of Juli Zaporozhets and one of the most extraordinary drum­mers of Ukraine Igor Chebotarev.

In 2016 the German label “Stereoflex” re­leased the  debut al­bum of JULINOZA “THE CONDUCTOR OF IMAGIN­ATION”. It received recognition from cri­tics not only in Ukr­aine and also inc­ludes some soundtrac­ks written by Julia Zaporozhets for films and musicals.

Drum Force
Drum Force

Drum Force is a band started in 2007. Creating drum music and cheering up people has become fundamental for their show. Everything has started from traditional instruments small drum, bong, tom. But the founder, Volodymyr Veretelnyk, has decided to go further and put into life an interesting idea of turbophone. This innovative instrument the guys have made of drain pipes.

Drum Force is a real splash of drive, energy and celebration! Nobody next to them is able to stand still.

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Why choose Zalischyky?

Zalischyky is a unique picturesque place surrounded by Dniester from three sides. It is the only location in the western parts of Ukraine with mild mediterranean climate. The place has proven itself to be highly valuable and of great potential through different historical periods.

Even during medieval times, when trade route was on Dniester, the merchants who travelled by river liked to stay in the quiet area over the woods. And when the settlement became permanent it was called Zalissya (over the woods) and later in 1578 the name Zalischyky was noted. But modern city’s area had been settled much earlier: during archaeological excavations objects and burial sites were found from late paleolith, Tripoli, Lipitsk, Early Slavic and Old Russian cultures.

In 1766 the city received Magdeburg Law which influenced greatly the popularity of already famous craftsmen: carpetmakers, potters, carvers, etc.

Unfortunately there are not so many archival records from the 18th century but it is obvious that during Austrian times Zalischyky was the center of the developed crafts and culture. When preparing for struggle with Russia during Crimean war Austrian government built military fortifications which existed till the end of the 19th century. Today the parts of the cobblestone roads and many basements, which had formed the tunnel system, remained. There is an assumption that under Zalischyky is a tunnel system connecting even both sides of Dniester.

Read more about Zalischyky

From the July 3rd, 1919 Zalischyky were a part of Poland till the First World War. In spite of the border position it was the most prosperous time for the city as a resort area call “Polish Riviera” with numerous villas and recreation residences. At that period Zalischyky inspired and attracted artists. A great number of cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, equestrian events were organized. Noblesse and intelligence representatives, as opera star Solomiya Krushelnytska, writers Yuriy Fedkovich and Vasyl Stefannyk, first Polish marshall Yuriy Pilsudskyi, came here for vacation.

In the beginning of the 19th century a relatively unknown Duke Ponyatovsky’s court existed in Zalischyky. Brunnytskyi family bought the city from Ponyatovsky, who built here a palace in the end of the 18th century. They wanted not only mansion but baronial ranking as well, so they had to change the name from Brunstein to Brunnytskyi. In 1852 Cisar Frantz II was passing Zalischyky, Brunnytskyi recreated the inetrior of his mansion reminding the one seen in Schoenbrunn. Cisar was impressed and confirmed Brunnytskyi’s baronage.

The palace and park of the famous lanscape designer Siverin Lusakovskyi is the city decoration and the history of his last proprietress became a true legend. Baroness Stella von Turnau, “Jeanne D’Arc of Zalischyky”, in 1914 protected the city with the armour in her hands in emplacement together with the soldiers and when it was necessary to retreat promised to return the city and followed her husband to the front line. The woman is described as the one who not only fighted but inspired the others. Baroness was the first woman who received the highest reward for the bravery from Cisar.

In the beginning of June 1919 Zalischyky was the capital of Western Ukrainian National Republic. In July 1919 Zalischyky was occupied by Poland. So Zalischyky were a part of Poland till the Second World War. Due to unique natural conditions Zalischyky attracted tourists from all parts of Poland. The city had numerous resort areas, wonderful equipped beaches and parks. Also unofficial nudist beach was here.

In the end of the 19th century Jewish population was the largest in the city, Ukrainians lived mostly in the surrounding villages, and Polish were on government positions. Now only one synagogue from the end of the 18th century remained.

Unfortunately the war and Soviet times have ruined most of the city touristic infrastructure and historical monuments. The city hall located on the main square became its symbol on the coat of arms and was dismantled in 1969. Also the beaches of the former Polish resort were destroyed by Dniester flood.

But natural treasures of Zalishyky are indestructible. Unique panorama, warm climate, Dniester shores and hills make the city really attractive for the travellers. As a heart of the Dniester canyon the city is surrounded by the picturesque hills, Dniester shores are a great place for recreation and best for photoshoots.

Zalischyky is now at the revival stage. Tourist infrastructure is revived, winery traditions are renewed, new hotels and touristic attractions appear. For the last years attractive green areas and two parks are renewed.

In the city and surrounding areas there are many locations with incredible views over Dniester canyon. In Zalishcyky region there are numerous beautiful, mysterious, interesting locations worth of attention but the most important are Chervonograd ruins and Jurynskyi waterfall. Region is rich in natural karst caves and historical architectural sights.

Today Zalischyky is a unique place with outstanding nature and history. Every year thousands of tourists come here from all over the world. InStrum Fest Zalischyky aims to renew cultural potential of the town and international significance.


How to get?

Zalischyky is located 50 km from Chernivtsy, 110 km from Ivano-Frankivsk, 120 km from Kamianets-Podilsk, 125 km from Ternopil, which is quite convenient for the tourists to get from all over Ukraine. We suggest to choose the convenient means of travel and plan your trip.


For the festival visitors’ convenience the organizers suggest transfers from Chernyvtsy, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Kyiv, Kamianets-Podilsk, Lviv. Transfers reservation and schedule is available together with the ticket sales.


Group tour is available from Chernivtsy-Festival-Ternopil by the link.

Train Kyiv-Rakhiv-Kyiv #357/358 passes Zalischyky. If you travel from Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi or Ternopil, it is a great way to get. It leaves the capital daily at 2:28 pm and departs from Zalischyky at 7:07 pm in opposite direction, arriving to the capital at 6:32 am. At the station there are taxi cabs or you can order a car by number +38 067 287 7262 or +38 035 542 2161.
In case there are no tickets available for the train #357/358, we suggest to get tickets to Chernivtsy and it is only 50 km to go by bus.
Also there is a train from Kolomya at 8:30am arriving at Zalischyky at 11:38am and Ternopil (departure 8:08am, arrival 12:29pm).

Quite many regional and international busses pass Zalischyky, so it is quite easy to get here from Kyiv, Lviv, Rivne, Chernivtsy, Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr and other Ukrainian cities.
Daily bus goes from Kyiv central bus station (Demiivska metro station) – Kyiv-Gorodenka (departure at 6:15pm).
A lot of buses go from Ternopil to Zalischyky from 6:35am to 7:40pm. The schedule is by the link.
Two daily buses going from Lviv to Zalischyky: Lviv-Chernivtsy at 12:50pm and Lviv-Zalischyky at 2:55pm.
From Ivano-Frankivsk to Zalischyky there is a direct bus Kalush-Kamianets-Podilsk at 6:40am. It is convenient to go to Chortkiv, if changing the bus.
Great connection is with Chernivtsy from 6:00am till 6:00pm, the buses are every hour or more often from the station #2”Drizhdzavod”. There are a little less from the central bus station but also quite many.
Bus station address: vul.Vasylya Stefanyka, 26
Telephone: +38 035 542 12 44.

Where to stay?

For InStrum Fest Zalischyky we are suggesting the following accommodations options:

  • one of the local hotels of Zalischyky,
  • camping areas next to the festival area (details will appear before the festival),
  • Agricultural college dormitory,
  • hotels of Chortkiv, Buchach, Chernivtsy, Mamaivtsy (convenient transport connection).

What to do?

It is possible to check all of the most interesting places of Zalischyky and Khreschatyk panorama during guided excursions when you are introduced to modern town and leaded through different time periods, even prehistoric times, as Dniester canyon is a world creation book and its hills were created long before human appearance on Earth.

Another “mustsee” area 30 km from Zalischyky is a natural landmark Chervone, Jurinskyi waterfall, ruins of palace and catholic church. It is difficult to get there by public transport, so it is preferable to book a bus or a tour in advance.

Between Chervonograd and Zalischyky there is a private zoo in Torske village.

Dniester is definitely the greatest attraction of Zalischyky! It is possible to fish, bathe or go rafting. If you do not have a chance to go rafting, it is possible to view the river from the water from a ferry between Zalischyky and Kostrizhyvka, Chernivetsk region.

You can order excursion or rafting from Zalishyky turystychni.

Cave tours are also quite popular in the area and there are quite many. From Zalischyky it is convenient to go to Verteba cave with the museum of Tripoli culture or Optymistychna cave. Next to Chortkiv there quite popular is Mlynky cave and one of the most popular is Crystal cave in Kryvche village. It is recommended to book cave tours in advance.


City Map

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